So this is actually a thing

Anyone that has spent more than 24 hours with me knows that people chewing loudly, smacking their gum or tapping their feet drives me bananas. And it’s not even just a mild annoyance, even though I try to play it off like it is. I get so physically agitated that I become even more focused on the noise and can’t think of anything else. The New York Times article describes it as “rage, panic, fear, terror and anger, all mixed together.”

While loud chewing is a common pet peeve for a lot of people, a specific “sensory processing disorder” called misophonia also includes aversion to loud breathing, leg tapping and the sound of people eating. Unlike other auditory disorders, the basis for misophonia is thought to stem from the autonomic and limbic system and could have a genetic component. 

There’s no ‘cure’ except for, from what I can tell are, some heavy duty sedatives.

New York Times Article:

Wiki link :



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