So…this happened

Thankfully I live by myself so there is no actual photographic evidence of the Haagen-Dazs massacre that went down in the last 24 hours. Please accept this poorly put together MS Paint rendering of the event.

Basically, Haagen-Dazs came out with these little single-serve containers that are meant to help people (I’m assuming) with portion control. I’ve bought them a couple times before and one small tub always does the trick while watching Mod Fam or Happy Endings. This week has been a litttttle stressful to say the least with an upcoming midterm in the most ridiculous biostats course (taught in the most ridiculously unhelpful way), several assignments and another midterm.

I wouldn’t say I’m generally a stress eater, but the evidence from the last day is not pretty. Let’s just say I fully ran out of spoons. Wasn’t really a problem since I was further enabled by these little suckers

Yeah. I used the included plastic spoons that might have given me mouth cuts.

I calculated that I ate 2 days worth of calories in creamy, surgary deliciousness.

To conclude: My list of favourite flavours (from best to least best…can’t really say worst)

1. dulce de leche (which HAS to include some sort of crack cocaine, there is no other scientific explanation)

2. tie between chocolate chocolate chip and chocolate peanut butter

3. strawberry

My new halloween costume: fat kitty


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20 something student who loves kittens, mittens and kittens wearing mittens
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