Last BBM Convo- RIP

Notice a distinct lack of peanut-butter related bbms lately? Our fav pb-loving bbm bff has gone rogue and switched to an iphone.

Let’s look back on the life and times of Melissa’s relationship with her several Blackberries:

Classic 2008. White pearl. This is the first time I learnt about BBM. You never forget your first.

A more text-conducive upgrade and a whole new world opened its doors with the full keypad. I can’t remember the fate of this one, but he misses you.

Next, the swanky and irresistible touch track pad X 2 (after an unfortunate after b-day incident…I still think it’s going to appear in Cat’s mom’s car)

Even though all your old phones are undeniably upset, they’ve come back to say goodbye.

And…without further adieu, the last BBM convo I ever had (context: I was on my way to a swanky faculty dinner and realized that I had nothing topical to talk about besides the latest Maru video)

With the familiar ‘D’ not showing up, I knew she had crossed over to the other side for good.

Although iphone might have swayed you with their fancypants starbucks app (seriously actually kind of amazing/definitely dangerous), BBM will always be waiting for you if you want to come back!!


-your former blackberries


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