Several things to ponder

– how much time was spent analyzing this news clip

– how much time I’ve spent analyzing the analysis of this new clip

– the pen mystery is still TBD and it is not sitting well with me

Nay pen…Pen! Nay pen…Pen!


About kittenswearingmittens

20 something student who loves kittens, mittens and kittens wearing mittens
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2 Responses to “Mind-boggling”

  1. emmaline says:

    hahahah wtf was that
    why did i just watch that for 4 minutes

  2. procrastination equation:

    square root of (H to the power of -1) + T – C = M

    H= number of hours until final
    T= time of day (24 hour clock)
    C= cumulative time wasted in past 12 hours
    M= number of minutes you will subconsciously justify wasting watching a paranoid scottish man

    You’ll notice as the time to exam decreases the time allocated to youtube vids increases (also applies to making bogus equations)

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