Teach Me How to Panda!



Soooo this is one of those times where I say “I’m on the weird side of youtube again, I should probably turn around” but then I end up watching 3 minutes of pandas dancing.

It is was it is sometimes.


About kittenswearingmittens

20 something student who loves kittens, mittens and kittens wearing mittens
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3 Responses to Teach Me How to Panda!

  1. Dima says:

    Oh i def watched the whole thing…my roommate walks in as i’m laughing at this video.

    it was awkward for the both of us.

    “all my betchhess love mee…”

  2. +1 for roomie bonding experience!! and sorry in advance for the terrible song being stuck in your head

  3. lynsey says:

    love it!

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