A Day in the Life of Snowball

Hello! Snowball here! I made the trip all the way from Blue Mountain to Kingston and I thought I’d share what my life is like up here. I live with my awesome roomie, Kat. Even though she’s always at the library or class, we still chill at night watching funny cat videos together. This is what my day was like today!

9:00 am- wake up, roll around, snooze button a few times, finally get out of bed (sorry for my messy morning hair!)

Next, I brushed my teeth (tuna breath!) and took a shower. Even though I hate water.


10:00 am I took too long in the shower so I had to quickly drink a bowl of milk for breakfast and put on some makeup to make me look purrrfect for the day!

10:30 am Next up is 8 hours of class! Luckily I had Kat to take me around because I have a hard time reaching the elevator buttons 😛

1:00 pm- Onward to the next class! I hate getting my paws wet so Kat agreed to carry me in her purse 😀

4:00 pm- writing down some notes! it’s tricky for me to not chew on the pen though, I love chewing on pens!

9:00 pm- Kat agreed to take me to her volleyball game! It was so much fun! I love chasing balls!

9:30 pm- I get home and look in the freezer to decide what to eat. Since I’m super pooped from my day I just microwave something to snack on!

10:00 pm- A quick check of funny kitty pictures online before I head to bed!

10:30 pm- Ah! Finally in bed after an exhausting day! Now I can dream about catching mice and drinking bowls of cream 🙂

Thanks for checking out what my day was like 🙂 I hope to do a ‘weekend edition’ sometime soon so you can see all the other fun things I do besides school!!


About kittenswearingmittens

20 something student who loves kittens, mittens and kittens wearing mittens
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One Response to A Day in the Life of Snowball

  1. Dima says:

    Hahah Kat! I’m not even sure where to begin with this… so I will just say…..”it’s nice to meet you snowball” :P.

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