Pintrest Purchasing

I read somewhere (and I can’t find the source so this could all be fakesies) that Pintrest surpassed Twitter in click-throughs to product websites. Pretty much just became a statistic when I: saw a pair of sunglasses on Pintrest and purchased them within 6 whole minutes of pinning it. It really could have been 3 minutes if it weren’t for…

Bad Pintrest Etiquette

When I see a cute picture or an amazing scarf I want to know who took it, where it was or how to buy it. I hate when I click on a pin at it just takes me to a random image hosting site with no trace of the home of the original image! As you can see by my history timeline, there were 19 websites that I had to click through until I reached ‘heart shaped sunglasses’ at American Eagle. This is because the original pin was from a random tumblr with no mention of the original source! (bad pintrest etiquette!). If I took a sweet picture or made a funny comic, I’d want people who liked my stuff enough to pin it be directed to my site, which is why I always try to find the original source for anything I directly pin.

Anyways, as you can see, I used Google Image’s new search feature to find my lovely heart shaped sunnies (that should arrive between July 23 to 30th!) (review to come!) (unless they’re hideous on my long but oddly small face)

If you don’t know about Google’s new image search features, I’ll do a quick thing about it tomorrow. For those of you who’ve used TinyEye before you’ll know what’s what, but if you haven’t, you’re in for some internet wizardry!


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