Guys!! Why hasn’t anyone told me!!

Missed both the P&R and HIMYM premiers!! Devastated is pretty much the only word I can muster right now.

Please see below for the full fall line up (researched and selected by me…meaning no vamp ds or glee)

Thurs Sept 20 – P&R and Up All Night

Mon Sept 24 – HIMYM

Wed Sept 26 – Mod Fam

Thurs Sept 27 – BBT (might be over it this season?)

Sun Sept 30 – Dexter!!

Thurs Oct 4 – 30 Rock

Fri Oct 19 – Community (what? a Friday time slot?)

Tues Oct 23 – Happy Endings (tie between HapEs and Dex for return excitement!)

And for those of you who like to be on top of stuff:

Tues Jan 8 – Cougar Town

Sun Jan 13 – Californication

There is no confirmation date on the second part of season five for Breaking Bad although it will be in 2013

Season three of Workaholics will be on the Comedy Network starts tomorrow (already aired/available online)


There are several other shows I want to jump on board with, especially after seeing the Emmy wins of Homelands and Veep, so those might be on the list for holiday viewing.

Any shows I missed?


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One Response to Guys!! Why hasn’t anyone told me!!

  1. Lynsey says:

    Wooooooooooo dexter & happy endings!!! Thanks kitty

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