Snowball Helps with Thanksgiving Dinner!!

Hello guys!! Snowball here again! I’ve been wanting to come back and do another guest post but Kat has been so busy she never has time to hang out anymore (And I don’t have the thumbs to take my own pictures)

So finally we had some time to hang out together and I decided to help out making Thanksgiving dinner!! Welcome to…

Snowball and Kitty’s Thanksgiving Dinner Adventure!

The thing I was most excited for was the turkey…I love turkey and chicken so I snuck into the fridge to check out the goods. It was huge! I put my paw on it so you can see just how ginormous it was (don’t worry, it was in plastic so I didn’t get any fur on it)

Here’s me posing with the turkey! (Kat made sure I was wearing a pink apron just like her)

Anyways, we quickly got down to work because we had a lot of veggies to cut and somebody slept in and started late….

Next I did some mixing and some pouring!!

So things were going really well and we were almost ready to put the turkey in the oven when disaster struck!! Kat sliced off a chunk of her finger…it was sooo gross.

I am so bad with blood and guts so I promptly passed out 😦

Kat was left to finish preparing most of the meal while I sat on the couch with some milk to calm down. When the turkey came out of the fridge though, I seemed to find enough energy to check it out

Things were getting kind of gross again so me and Kat closed our eyes so no one passed out (again!)

I was sent to work on one last dish (cranberry sauce) but I got a little distracted

Luckily I got it finished just in time for everyone to eat their meal!!!

Today ended up being the most fun day ever (what kitten doesn’t love 15 pounds of turkey!) and I got to spend it with all my favourite people. Can’t wait to show you another adventure!! Love, Snowball xoxoxo


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