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Kitty Latte Art

Next level latte art uses two cups! Yum yum yum Advertisements

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Cats versus Dogs

Typically I try not to post things that paints cats in a negative light but the cat actor is just so good! So realistic. And I think the important thing here is that, at the end of the day, the … Continue reading

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Banana Ice cream!!

Or as I sometimes say: banana icecraym Major question thought: do you eat the peel? This is a confusing product

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The Second I Get Home So comfy

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Kuduro: No one can resist dancing

Skip to 1 min!  

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Websites I’m Obsessed With Right Now #1

Color Method There aren’t really any instructions but you will figure it out quickly enough. The first two ‘level’s are easy enough but get ready to have your mind melt with the last two. Definitely worth a play more than … Continue reading

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Pink + Starbucks

So cute. So adorable. So many times a year I find myself saying “I wish I lived in Japan”. **EDIT** Just did a dangerous ebay search for the Sakura Starbucks products. Umm adorable pink tumblers, mugs, and cards. The … Continue reading

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Why Dysons Are The Best

K: Oops spilled some fire again Dyson: No problem! I’ll suck that right up K: Thanks Dyson, you’re a life saver!

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One of those days

Ever feel like you’ve made a mistake and just can’t shake it…no matter how far you run away? This cat knows what I’m talking about.

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My kind of latte

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